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News Flash! Andy to speak to the Beijing GNU/Linux User Group.

Andy will be in China from September 9 to October 6. On Wednesday 13 September, he will be speaking on Open Source Graphic Design to the Beijing GNU/Linux User Group.

Other News

Andy's Tutorial voted "Best of" 27 Jan 2006

Andy is presenting at 2006 in Dunedin, New Zealand this week.  His 3-hour tutorial on Open Source Graphic Design was voted by conference attendees as one of the top four "Best of Conference" sessions.  This means his tutorial will be repeated on the final day of the conference.

In another pleasant surprise on Tuesday evening, he was honoured to be joined at dinner by Linus TorvaldsRead more …

SharePoint Portal Server Customisation

FITC has recently completed a number of projects utilising SharePoint Portal Server.  An example of these is the international intranet for Runge Mining.

Andy's LUGVegas Presentation

You can watch and listen to Andy's recent presentation to LUGVegas on Open Source Graphic Design.

Queensland MSDN User Group and Queensland SQL Server User Group

Presentation materials (slides and sample code) from Mike's recent presentations are now available.

Fraser Island Beach House site updated

Read the press release or go to the website.

News Archive

Andy to speak at Libre Graphics Meeting in Lyon, France. 4 Jan 2006

Andy has been invited to demonstrate Inkscape & GIMP at the first Libre Graphics Meeting.  This will be held on 17, 18 and 19 March 2006 in Lyon, France.  Read more …

“Woot! ...first-up at!”

Andy has just heard about the timing of the session he is presenting at in Dunedin, NZ in January 2006.  Read more …

Happy New Year...

... to all our clients and business partners.
For those who may have missed it, here's our generic Christmas greeting …

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